In this episode!

  • Mark loves Cordelia’s Bernie Sanders response to NAFTA!  Feel the Bern!
  • We don’t know if the Anointed One is human or not. Can anyone help us out? (Katherine thinks he’s probably a vampire?)
  • Mark struggles with the rules of invitation.
  • Katherine and Mark debate over the significance of Buffy exposing her neck to Angel, and Mark reveals he is probably not a vampire, even though he (Mark) did die once.
  • Mark believes Angel has a death wish. Does Buffy?
  • Mark loves the connection to Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter, and Katherine loves that in Buffy it is mainly men who get punished. (Angel as Hester Prynne! Sort of.)
  • Katherine explains the significance of “sires.”
  • Mark loves the idea of Angel as addict who hasn’t been using for over 100 years.
  • Katherine winks at Buffy fans when Mark asks, do vampires have human farms?
  • Mark thinks Buffy isn’t turned on to Xander because of his jokester status–do you agree? And, what role is Xander playing? Willow?



The Pack

In this episode!

Cleveland Hellmouth listeners–wow, this one is tough. It is so dark, and Mark wonders if it needs a trigger warning…

(Mark here: just so you know, we talk about rape in this episode.)

  • Katherine tells Mark that this episode epitomizes Whedon’s stance that “high school is hell.”
  • Katherine and Mark talk about bullies and packs.
  • Mark says there’s no such thing as verbal abuse that doesn’t hurt.
  • Mark asks, Did the possession bring out the bad in Xander or did it make him bad?
  • Katherine shares some important rules of the Buffyverse: Never kill a human, and Vampires aren’t human. But what makes the death of the zookeeper OK?
  • Another important rule that bears remembering for those new to the show–you are never at fault if you are possessed. It will not be held against you.
  • Katherine does a shout out to The Art of Slaying, another favorite podcast.
  • Katherine says, remember this line from Xander: “Buffy, you like your men dangerous.” This will have ramifications.
  • Mark notices that a favorite Whedon tactic is to say something funny and then have something horrible happen. Is Mark getting cynical?

Resources: The Art of Slaying podcast. One caveat: it is a great podcast, but the podcasters presume you’ve seen the episodes. Countless spoilers throughout.


Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

In this episode!

  • Who has the right take on religion? Katherine and Mark debate what is Scripture
  • Shout out and a take down of Dusted, a great Buffy podcast that Katherine says gets Owen wrong!
  • Mark mansplains how to do air quotes on a podcast
  • OK Cleveland Hellmouth Fans, you choose–
    • Betty or Veronica?
    • Ginger or Marianne?
    • Katherine and Mark fight about  Cordelia
  • Mark makes TWO awesome statements this episode. Some sort of prize that is amazing to the listener who can spot them
  • Katherine says, some day we’ll rank Buffy’s boyfriends. Right now, Owen is at the top!
  • We like Velvet Chain and their trip hoppy, space jazz music, and this leads us to ask, anyone out there in Buffy fandom want to come on the podcast and talk about the music with us?
  • Shout outs to Becky Clark, Tony Martin, and Warren Shaver
  • Mark impresses Katherine by remembering Knox’s rules, and Katherine gets to talk about Agatha Christie

Resources: If you are interested in following up on some of what we discussed, check out the following. Katherine would love to talk to you about the mystery genre anytime

  1. Father Knox’s rules for mysteries: http://www.thrillingdetective.com/trivia/triv186.html
  2. If you haven’t read Agatha Christie, you should read
    1. And Then There Were None
    2. The Murder of Roger Akroyd
    3. Murder on the Orient Express
  3. Dusted, Katherine’s favorite Buffy podcast after her own. This is a terrific podcast, but I need to warn you that they do sometimes give spoilers. It is a good podcast for writers. Katherine sometimes disagrees with them, which makes for a fun time. http://storywonk.com/category/podcasts/dusted/

Episode 4: Teacher's Pet

In this episode!

  • Katherine and Mark dissect the misogynistic horror tropes of the 1970s and 80s
  • Mark wonders: Is another name for Sunnydale Cabot Cove?
  • Whedon, Katherine says, wants us to know that we can’t count on things working out. She thinks he’s really mean to Buffy.
  • Mark also has a highly questionable idea of what constitutes “romantic.”
  • Katherine and Mark argue about Buffy’s homework
  • Mark wonders what is Buffy’s superpower? Who can she kill? And if she can kill all the monsters, why is she called, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?
  • Who’s the hero in Buffy, really?
  • And Angel is clearly… an angel. Right?

Query: Anyone out there an expert on camp? On cheesiness? Are you also a Buffy fan? Want to come on the podcast and examine Buffy from the angle of camp and cheesiness? If so, post on our blog, and we’ll contact you!

Resources: Katherine mentioned a great book she read recently. It’s called Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show, edited by Glenn Yeffeth.