Season 2, Episode 12: Bad Eggs

In this episode!

Katherine opened by saying this episode is almost universally hated.

  • Mark’s immediate reaction is to understand that reaction and to point out the chief reason for such hatred is (drumroll)… that Buffy misuses the term “begs the question.”
  • Mark further says that this episode is “gross.”
  • Katherine shocks the world and says that she didn’t hate it. Why Katherine, why?
  • It was scary. The monster was centipede-y, in a good way.
  • She loved the banter between Cordy and Xander. (Mark admitted he did too.)
  • She loves the advancement of the Cordy/Xander relationship.
  • Katherine said what didn’t work for her is what didn’t work for Mark in last episode: the feeling that this was an isolated episode. Katherine believes she heard that this was meant to be a season 1 episode, and that is why it doesn’t fit in the arc. Does anyone out there know?
  • Katherine also likes the advancement of the Buffy and Angel relationship. That sexual tension will have some significance later.
  • Katherine also really enjoys the Gorch brothers.
  • Mark and Katherine debate Texas.
  • More vampire rules&emdash;becoming a vampire does not mean you lose all your personality. You are you and not you at the same time. Cool.
  • Mark’s Fashion Report:
    • Willow is wearing smiley PJs when she turns evil
    • Katherine points out that Xander is wearing golfing or bowling pants. Katherine makes an astonishingly good observation that Xander often dresses like a guy in his 50s who would fit in nicely as a guest on All in the Family.
    • Mark likes that Joyce’s wardrobe is described by Buffy as being from Muumuus are Us. Mark also revels in Joyce’s perfect curls.
    • Katherine loves Cordy’s leather mini-skirt.
    • Katherine and Mark agree that Giles has a uniform.
    • Mark loves Buffy’s purple eye-shadow and how it coordinates to her shirt.
  • How do you feel about Joyce as the mean mother? Katherine and Mark are split on this. Katherine reveals a not very interesting secret from when she was 16.
  • Mark says he will create the sucks-rules-o-meter for Buffy. Let’s press him on this.

Shout out to Jessica Branch, who once explained to me that men can’t do color but women can. I told her that I can’t. Anyway, I believe she will be able to decide if Mark is right by his claim about the color of Buffy’s eye shadow.

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