Some Rules of the Buffyverse

  1. Invitations
    1. A vampire cannot enter a home unless said vampire is invited into it by the a dweller in the home.
    2. Vampires can cheat and con their way into a home. They can pretend to be innocent (see Darla), a friend of an occupant not currently in the home.
    3. Vampires can also enter places that are considered to have a transient population. For example, if it is a school or store, a place where no one officially lives, vampires are allowed to enter at will.
  2. When is it murder?
    1. Buffy and her pals are “allowed” to kill vampires and demons because said vampires and demons have no souls. (Basically, Giles rule).
    2. Buffy and her pals are NOT allowed to kill humans, no matter how terrible these humans are.
    3. Humans have souls so therefore are redeemable, not for cash, but they can mend their ways. Also, humans are to be turned over to the human authorities and sent to prison. Vampires, of course, for example, would be unpunished if put in prisons, and in fact would be like pigs in clover, or somesuch.

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