In this episode!

  • Mark loves Cordelia’s Bernie Sanders response to NAFTA!  Feel the Bern!
  • We don’t know if the Anointed One is human or not. Can anyone help us out? (Katherine thinks he’s probably a vampire?)
  • Mark struggles with the rules of invitation.
  • Katherine and Mark debate over the significance of Buffy exposing her neck to Angel, and Mark reveals he is probably not a vampire, even though he (Mark) did die once.
  • Mark believes Angel has a death wish. Does Buffy?
  • Mark loves the connection to Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter, and Katherine loves that in Buffy it is mainly men who get punished. (Angel as Hester Prynne! Sort of.)
  • Katherine explains the significance of “sires.”
  • Mark loves the idea of Angel as addict who hasn’t been using for over 100 years.
  • Katherine winks at Buffy fans when Mark asks, do vampires have human farms?
  • Mark thinks Buffy isn’t turned on to Xander because of his jokester status–do you agree? And, what role is Xander playing? Willow?


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