Season 2, Episode 5: Reptile Boy

In this episode!

  • We love the opening with the mysterious young woman being chased by what looks like monks. That girl is awesome!
  • We also love seeing Buffy and Xander braiding Willow’s hair while Willow “interprets” Bollywood for them. Xander’s side is much better than Buffy’s.
  • Katherine asks Mark whether he thinks people have a purpose or not. We wonder, what do our listeners think? Is Giles right that Buffy should be grateful because she has a purpose? Do any of our listeners feel that they have a purpose? Do any of our listeners have a job for Katherine? Thanks in advance.
  • Mark says, this is clearly an episode about rape culture.
  • Katherine says, this is clearly an episode about class.
  • Katherine thinks that one of the Buffy themes has to be, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and beware of “nice” guys.
  • Mark says, why can’t we all just live and let live in terms of religious freedom?
  • Katherine hates privilege and entitlement which is why she loves this episode which is clearly a precursor to a socialist revolution.

Shout out

David Nom De Plume

Fun facts

  • The woman who nearly escapes at the beginning of the episode is Jordana Spiro, as Callie. I don’t know why she hasn’t made a greater stamp in television. I loved her character.
  • One of the frat boys, one of the evil evil ones, was Coby Bell who later would be a main character on one of Katherine’s favorite shows, Burn Notice.


The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren

Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (TED talk)

The Panama Papers

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  1. David Steinmuller said...

    on 2 November 2016 @ 4:17 am

    Well first to the purpose question. I’ve never been a fan of purpose, or destiny, or any other similar construct. I tend to believe that you create your goals and act within the world you’ve got. In some ways the whole Buffy series strikes me as being more in line with Stoic philosophy than destiny. Sure, she’s the chosen one, but that is just the state she’s in at that moment and all she can control is how she handles that information. She is free to run away or fight it, not that it usually works out well, but the choice is there. She tends to shine when she accepts her reality as what it is, then works from there.

    On to the rape culture versus class warfare struggle I say, why not both. Frat culture has a nasty way of wandering pretty deeply into both rape culture and some pretty nasty class elitism and if nothing else has been made clear during this election there is a class of people who transfer a sense of entitlement in one of these arenas to the other. What struck me is how well this played with both of those ideas to send up the “very special episode” trope. It is structured in every way like the standard girl led astray by the rapey frat boy, down to having the ‘good guy’ friend at home worrying. It flips that to address some fun issues about class, while still keeping the whole rape allegory running, because you don’t get a much more clear bit of rape symbolism than the virgin sacrifice to an evil snake god.

    On a minor personal note Naga will always be associated with Rikki Tikki Tavi for me. Naga and Ngaina were the snake villains.
    I guess I should address the pen name in the room. As far as I’m aware I’ve made all of the David comments. The last names were all either names for fake names or relatively well known fake names. Nom de Plume and Nom de Guerre are common enough to not need any explanation. Takhallus is the traditional pen name of Urdu poets. Haigo is the life stage pen name of haiku poets. Allan Smithee is the name of directors who wish to disown a film after they were denied creative control. Linoge was the last name of the villain in King’s Storm of the Century and is an anagram for Legion. For here, on to my real name.

    Well that was a lot.

    • katherine said...

      on 10 January 2017 @ 3:38 pm

      As always, I love your comments, David. (However, I do need Mark to weigh in on the Naga comment because I don’t follow it.) I agree with you about destiny.
      When I taught Oedipus Rex, I would have students answer questions regarding destiny etc., to get a sense of what they believed, and was always surprised that the vast majority believed in destiny, in fate. I come from a more existentialist bent, which has led me more and more to agnosticism.

      I also agree with your suggestion that rape culture and class warfare can both occur at once in this episode. Absolutely. As a socialist, I tend to get excited when there are examples I can point to on television, so if there was a lot of emphasis on that, it is because of my prejudice. Add to that that Mark is a Georgist, and well, we’ll emphasize these types of political views. I love your comment about this year’s election. Trump winning is one of the reasons I’m behind on getting these episodes posted. I’m having resist a desire to hide and sleep through the next 4 years.

      Love your fake names. Feel free to continue!


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