Season 2, episode 2: Some Assembly Required

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In this episode:

  • Has anyone out there read Frankenstein? If so, do you have any thoughts or questions about it? We are hoping to have a little extra episode that discusses this great novel.
  • Mark sings the Temptations!
  • We liked (even possibly loved) this episode despite all the haters in podcast land. Katherine thought it was perhaps the funniest Buffy episode ever!
  • We do not think this was an anti-feminist episode.
  • Mark thinks that Buffy could be attracted to Xander. He bases this on “When She Was Bad” and continuing to the chemistry between Buffy and Xander in this episode. Katherine is strangely silent on this issue. šŸ˜‰
  • Katherine has said all along that Xander is her favorite character so far. Mark seems to concur when he says, “What is sexier then rescuing someone from a burning building?”
  • We love Giles and Jenny’s first date, and Giles’ slur on American masculinity.
  • Katherine’s favorite moment in this episode and one of her favorites for the show thus far is the crackling, tension-filled exchange between Xander and Angel in the library.
  • Mark questions Angel’s “obvious” attraction to Buffy and argues that it is creepy. He is, Mark states, frankly too old for her. “What can Angel possibly see in her?” queries Mark.
  • Katherine argues that what Buffy the show is doing is deconstructing the horror genre.
  • Does Daryll have a soul or a conscience?
  • Mark did consider medical school but gave up on the idea when he realized he would have to have his own cadaver. Katherine never thought about medical school. However, she did dissect a frog in high school that she then kept in a desk drawer to keep her sisters out of it. It worked, too.
  • Shout out to Kris Roth!


Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.Ā  If you can, get an annotated version at the library. I love annotated versions. They explain all sorts of information readers will miss since we are 21st century readers. But you can also read it free here: http://literature.org/authors/shelley-mary/frankenstein/

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  1. David Linoge said...

    on 5 October 2016 @ 11:10 pm

    Welcome back. I was afraid I had lost one of my favorite podcasts. And now onto the episode. I think a lot of Daryll’s behavior is best explained outside of the question of if he still has a soul. I consider Daryll the embodiment of the classic high school football star archetype. More significantly it seems like both he and the people around him think of him the same way. That image defined his entire sense of self. It isn’t his childhood toys are his clothes that his mother wallows in, it is his game footage. He sees no path for himself except as a monster, and may very well assume that any crafted woman would be just as closed off from her old world as he is, and she would have to stay with him. Football is gone, school is gone, but maybe he can still get the girl. That project kept him going through what had to be a pretty bleak existence. Hiding in a basement isn’t a lot of fun. When that last glimmer of hope was taken from him, he may have simply been willing to just meet his end because his final hope of life as he knew it is gone.

    Hey Mark, stop reading. Seriously I mean it spoilers ahead for all remaining writing. I think Frankenstein is, in some ways, a better lens for understanding Buffy than Dracula and a lot of the standard vampire mythos. There are the really obvious episodes of technological overreach in the Molloch episode and the entire entire Riley arc, but thematically I think it holds for a lot more. The themes of hubris and meddling in forbidden powers are pretty frequent. You have the entire dark Willow arc and the resurrections of Buffy and Joyce. There is also the invocation of the First and arguably the very creation of the Slayer line.

    One thing that struck me, but was clearly not intentionally written in, was the similarity of the relationship between Chris and Eric and the relationship, as portrayed in a lot of media coverage, between Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine killers. This is a quote from the Wikipedia page about the killing referencing a later FBI assessment of the killers.

    “They said Harris was a clinical psychopath, whereas Klebold was depressive.[86] Harris had been the mastermind, having a messianic-level superiority complex, and had hoped to demonstrate his superiority to the world, whereas Kleboldā€”having repeatedly documented his desires to commit suicide in his diariesā€”had primary participated in the massacre as a means to simply end his life”

    Now obviously the writers had no way of knowing about attacks 2 years in the future, but the similarity of it screamed out to me on this viewing. Maybe it’s just me, but Buffy will always be pretty deeply intertwined with the massacre, in large part because of the rescheduling of Earshot and Graduation Day. That and the panic following the shooting leading to a grand witch hunt that sometimes landed on the show.

    • katherine said...

      on 7 October 2016 @ 2:20 am

      David! Thanks for the compliment on the podcast! Hurry to Itunes and rate us. You could be the very first one to do so.
      Mark has acknowledged that he can’t/won’t read your post.
      I love what you are saying. We are really far ahead in terms of our podcasts, but behind in editing, but we are back on schedule so there will be a new episode by Monday. I tell you this because
      we just finished talking about the last two episodes of season 2, and how they harken back to everything, including “Some Assembly Required.” Giles comment to Willow that she should not attempt to
      recurse Angel because “that is a door that she won’t be able to close” has so much resonance. I do believe, like you, that Buffy is all about the use and abuse of power. I think it is also about knowing one’s potential, and what one should pursue and what one shouldn’t and how the line is often so blurry.
      I’m going to stop now, but I’ll continue this discussion with you as we release the rest of season 2’s episodes.
      Thanks for being such a great participant, David!


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