Season 2, Episode 11: Ted

In this episode!

  • Content warning: domestic violence.
  • Mark provides the style report:
    • Buffy had thin eyebrows, which changed her look completely
    • Cordelia’s new look was “very pulled together”
    • Katherine is curious–does anyone else notice these things?
  • We would love to have an expert on fashion come and do a special episode of The Cleveland Hellmouth. Anyone out there want to join us?
  • Mark asks, “Does anybody get any action that they don’t deeply regret?” Katherine says tentatively, yes?
  • Mark is most upset that Buffy spoke to the cop without getting a lawyer first.
  • Katherine points out that this business of Buffy killing Ted is a big deal and will be important later. Unlike Buffy, though, we think killing Ted was a great idea.
  • Why the controversy over this episode? Katherine explains that many fans were upset that there was no paranormal activity. It is the sole episode of Buffy without paranormal activity in the A story. Many fans complained it was straight up Science Fiction. Katherine says she doesn’t care. What do you think?
  • Mark says, this episode is especially creepy in light of Anthony Sowell and Arial Castro cases. The Hellmouth being located in Cleveland makes more and more sense.
  • We noticed that it is interesting that there is minimal religion in Buffy, yet in this episode, Ted prays. Mark calls his praying, “attack prayers” and suggests that Jesus wouldn’t like it.
  • We love Jenny and Giles. We think they are acting like adults and actually have a pretty healthy relationship. We really like that.
  • Mark noticed that in the scene where Xander is leaning against the vending machine that all the items in one row are upside down. Did anyone else notice this?
  • Cordelia points out that since Buffy is a superhero, doesn’t she have more rights than ordinary people? (Remind Buffy fans of anything?) Willow says that is the view of the fascist state. Cordelia asks why we can’t have that, and I would suggest, here we are now!
  • Mark makes an interesting comparison between Buffy and Mohammad Ali.
  • Katherine asks, “Why is Ted a great cook?”
  • Mark is ultimately unhappy by this episode because he feels that unlike every other episode of Buffy that we’ve seen, this one could be lifted out to stand on its own. It isn’t (beyond the Giles and Jenny part) part of the larger narrative arc. For that reason, it is disappointing. Katherine, natch, disagrees.
  • We are considering having a rate the episode so that listeners to this podcast and decide which is the best and worst of Buffy.

Shout outs: To the podcast Writing Excuses which has nothing whatsoever to do with Buffy, but it just a wonderful podcast on writing.

Must read or watch: The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin


Season 2, Episode 8: The Dark Age

In this episode!

  • Mark’s favorite part of this episode is the relationship between Jenny and Giles. Mark wonders what she sees in him (oh, Mark) but he figures it out. Mark doesn’t like how the relationship ends up though
  • Katherine and Mark argue about Buffy’s treatment of Giles. Katherine says, Buffy forgives and understands; Mark thinks Buffy is schooling him. What do you think?
  • Mark no longer likes Ethan Raine. Says he’s a jerkface. What do you think?
  • We loved the horror transformation of Jenny.
  • We continue to disagree. Katherine loved Willow in the library; Mark thought Willow was stilted.
  • We love Cordelia and how she is evolving. Mark thought it was a little strange that Xander and Cordy were cuddling. (Katherine smirks.)
  • Katherine is really really bugged about the whole blood bank thing. Is she being overly concerned?
  • We love Giles talking about his use and abuse of magic in college as an addiction, a drug. Katherine says we need to remember this comparison.
  • Katherine finds interesting that Giles looked for the worst group that would have him when he was in his Ripper phase. Mark asks a great question: what type of group would be so bad they wouldn’t want Giles?
  • Possessed Jenny says, “Nothing is safe in this world.” Is this true, listeners? Katherine thinks that is the scariest moment in the scene. With the election of Trump, Katherine thinks possessed Jenny might be right.
  • We think Giles should have told Buffy the truth about Igon.
  • Mark has a hard time remembering happiness. Katherine reminds him about his red bike and his little dog, and Mark realizes that there can be happiness in the world and he wants it for Jenny and Giles, but he’d prefer that the tension get built up a bit more first.

We are proud to say that there is not one spoiler in this episode of our podcast. 😉


Season 2, episode 2: Some Assembly Required

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In this episode:

  • Has anyone out there read Frankenstein? If so, do you have any thoughts or questions about it? We are hoping to have a little extra episode that discusses this great novel.
  • Mark sings the Temptations!
  • We liked (even possibly loved) this episode despite all the haters in podcast land. Katherine thought it was perhaps the funniest Buffy episode ever!
  • We do not think this was an anti-feminist episode.
  • Mark thinks that Buffy could be attracted to Xander. He bases this on “When She Was Bad” and continuing to the chemistry between Buffy and Xander in this episode. Katherine is strangely silent on this issue. 😉
  • Katherine has said all along that Xander is her favorite character so far. Mark seems to concur when he says, “What is sexier then rescuing someone from a burning building?”
  • We love Giles and Jenny’s first date, and Giles’ slur on American masculinity.
  • Katherine’s favorite moment in this episode and one of her favorites for the show thus far is the crackling, tension-filled exchange between Xander and Angel in the library.
  • Mark questions Angel’s “obvious” attraction to Buffy and argues that it is creepy. He is, Mark states, frankly too old for her. “What can Angel possibly see in her?” queries Mark.
  • Katherine argues that what Buffy the show is doing is deconstructing the horror genre.
  • Does Daryll have a soul or a conscience?
  • Mark did consider medical school but gave up on the idea when he realized he would have to have his own cadaver. Katherine never thought about medical school. However, she did dissect a frog in high school that she then kept in a desk drawer to keep her sisters out of it. It worked, too.
  • Shout out to Kris Roth!


Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  If you can, get an annotated version at the library. I love annotated versions. They explain all sorts of information readers will miss since we are 21st century readers. But you can also read it free here: http://literature.org/authors/shelley-mary/frankenstein/