"Witch" episode three, season one

In this episode:

  • Mark and Katherine talk about mothers and daughters and matricide
  • Shout out to Sheila Strong, though we think she is wrong about Buffy
  • Mark and Katherine agree that Buffy is a teen drama, but so much more. It is simple, but not simplistic
  • We ask each other: “Would you be 16 again?”
  • Is cheer leading a cult? We don’t come to a conclusion on this
  • Mark does fashion commentary
  • Katherine reveals to a stunned crowd that she is a Socialist (OK, everyone knew that already) and she and Mark talk about class issues in Sunnydale
  • We realize this episode is all about body image and control–who’s in charge?

Resources: If you love witches, we suggest you check out the wonderful movie, Bell, Book and Candle (though Katherine’s not crazy about the ending). Also, if you can find it, watch the pilot episode of Bewitched “I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha” where Darrin gets lectured by a feminist Endora. You will love Endora and be stunned at the sense her argument makes in 1964!

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  1. W said...

    on 12 March 2016 @ 5:06 pm

    Hi, long time listener, first time caller, er, commenter here. This is mostly for Mark since he may remember my mother. I loved Bewitched as a kid (although I was not distressed about the change in Darrens (I was probably too unobservant to notice (and I did that as a parenthetical because I know you love nested parentheticals))). My mother hated it because the magic was usually used so that Samantha could be a perfect homemaker and achieve the hugely unrealistic expectations of Darren’s jerk of a boss (and of Darren) and she did not want me to be learning about my future role in society from the show. And this is now what I remember most about the show so Mom succeeded.

    • katherine said...

      on 15 March 2016 @ 10:02 pm

      Hi W! I’ll make sure that Mark responds to this as well. And, I do want to say that I appreciate your use of parentheticals. Men have been trying to get me to ban these since I was in college, and I think that ship has sailed. 😉

      Bewitched has all sorts of problems, and I think your mom was onto something by thinking maybe you shouldn’t take its lessons to heart. On the other hand, I do sense some subversiveness in it. Sam uses witchcraft throughout the show, even when she has promised not to do so. She regularly goes her own way, even against her husband, and there is at least one episode where she literally leaves Darrin because she refuses to not live her life. She also does things on the sly with full knowledge that he would oppose her actions. And, if you can, find the pilot episode. Endora is amazing, an early feminist voice. Thanks so much for posting!


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