Season 2, Episode 12: Bad Eggs

In this episode!

Katherine opened by saying this episode is almost universally hated.

  • Mark’s immediate reaction is to understand that reaction and to point out the chief reason for such hatred is (drumroll)… that Buffy misuses the term “begs the question.”
  • Mark further says that this episode is “gross.”
  • Katherine shocks the world and says that she didn’t hate it. Why Katherine, why?
  • It was scary. The monster was centipede-y, in a good way.
  • She loved the banter between Cordy and Xander. (Mark admitted he did too.)
  • She loves the advancement of the Cordy/Xander relationship.
  • Katherine said what didn’t work for her is what didn’t work for Mark in last episode: the feeling that this was an isolated episode. Katherine believes she heard that this was meant to be a season 1 episode, and that is why it doesn’t fit in the arc. Does anyone out there know?
  • Katherine also likes the advancement of the Buffy and Angel relationship. That sexual tension will have some significance later.
  • Katherine also really enjoys the Gorch brothers.
  • Mark and Katherine debate Texas.
  • More vampire rules&emdash;becoming a vampire does not mean you lose all your personality. You are you and not you at the same time. Cool.
  • Mark’s Fashion Report:
    • Willow is wearing smiley PJs when she turns evil
    • Katherine points out that Xander is wearing golfing or bowling pants. Katherine makes an astonishingly good observation that Xander often dresses like a guy in his 50s who would fit in nicely as a guest on All in the Family.
    • Mark likes that Joyce’s wardrobe is described by Buffy as being from Muumuus are Us. Mark also revels in Joyce’s perfect curls.
    • Katherine loves Cordy’s leather mini-skirt.
    • Katherine and Mark agree that Giles has a uniform.
    • Mark loves Buffy’s purple eye-shadow and how it coordinates to her shirt.
  • How do you feel about Joyce as the mean mother? Katherine and Mark are split on this. Katherine reveals a not very interesting secret from when she was 16.
  • Mark says he will create the sucks-rules-o-meter for Buffy. Let’s press him on this.

Shout out to Jessica Branch, who once explained to me that men can’t do color but women can. I told her that I can’t. Anyway, I believe she will be able to decide if Mark is right by his claim about the color of Buffy’s eye shadow.


Season 2, Episode 6: Halloween

In this episode!

  • We discuss the rules of Vampire Entry (thanks, Jessica Branch!), and Mark calls for constitutional rights for vampires.
  • Mark and Katherine come up with reasons for why the Scoobies don’t have PTSD.
  • Mark says Ethan Raine is the Linda Tripp of the Buffyverse; Mark loves Ethan, and Katherine can’t stand him.
  • Katherine has zero aesthetic distance. Where do our listeners stand on this?
  • We wonder along with Willow—how does Angel shave? Also, Mark wonders how Spike’s lackey was able to film a vampire fight?
  • Mark’s favorite moment: when Xander beats up the pirate and says that it was strangely satisfying and brought him closure.
  • Mark says that “Snyder is in on it.”
  • Katherine shares the tidbit that Buffy calls out to Xena the Warrior Princess, and in turn, an episode of Xena did a shout out to Buffy.
  • Mark says that Buffy does what very few shows do and that is to change the rules of narrativity frequently. Watchers of the show might be left in confusion for as long as 20 minutes before things click into place. Katherine points out that Whedon is one of the show runners credited with trusting viewers to live with confusion and figure things out over time. We both agree this makes for a very rich show.
  • Katherine wonders if the listeners agree that Halloween is a wonderful holiday filled with magic and mystery  and “dressing as you aren’t.” Mark says this about Halloween: “eh.”

Note: By the way, Mark is right about The Prisoner. He is number 6.

Shout outs

  • Jessica Branch
  • Andy Schumann