Season 2: When She Was Bad

In this episode:

  • Do Vampires get the summer off?
  • Mark thinks it’s creepy that kids are hanging out in the Library, but Katherine says, some of her best times at Fairfax High School were in the Library! Do any of our listeners have happy high school library stories?
  • Mark admits that Cordelia has gotten more complicated and thus more interesting.
  • What would happen to Willow and Xander (and Sunnydale) if Buffy weren’t there? Would their lives be better? Katherine is winking at Buffy fans.
  • Katherine and Mark disagree about Buffy’s goal (s) in the Bronze.
  • Katherine wonders if fans see a connection between this episode and Roseanne‘s Darlene Depression episodes.
  • Shout out to Jessica Branch and our fan named Legion!