Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

In this episode!

  • Who has the right take on religion? Katherine and Mark debate what is Scripture
  • Shout out and a take down of Dusted, a great Buffy podcast that Katherine says gets Owen wrong!
  • Mark mansplains how to do air quotes on a podcast
  • OK Cleveland Hellmouth Fans, you choose–
    • Betty or Veronica?
    • Ginger or Marianne?
    • Katherine and Mark fight about  Cordelia
  • Mark makes TWO awesome statements this episode. Some sort of prize that is amazing to the listener who can spot them
  • Katherine says, some day we’ll rank Buffy’s boyfriends. Right now, Owen is at the top!
  • We like Velvet Chain and their trip hoppy, space jazz music, and this leads us to ask, anyone out there in Buffy fandom want to come on the podcast and talk about the music with us?
  • Shout outs to Becky Clark, Tony Martin, and Warren Shaver
  • Mark impresses Katherine by remembering Knox’s rules, and Katherine gets to talk about Agatha Christie

Resources: If you are interested in following up on some of what we discussed, check out the following. Katherine would love to talk to you about the mystery genre anytime

  1. Father Knox’s rules for mysteries: http://www.thrillingdetective.com/trivia/triv186.html
  2. If you haven’t read Agatha Christie, you should read
    1. And Then There Were None
    2. The Murder of Roger Akroyd
    3. Murder on the Orient Express
  3. Dusted, Katherine’s favorite Buffy podcast after her own. This is a terrific podcast, but I need to warn you that they do sometimes give spoilers. It is a good podcast for writers. Katherine sometimes disagrees with them, which makes for a fun time. http://storywonk.com/category/podcasts/dusted/

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  1. W said...

    on 28 April 2016 @ 11:32 pm

    Since you talk about Giles and his British accent (and who doesn’t love a British accent!) I have to mention that I was finally convinced to watch Buffy because of Giles. Specifically because he is on lists of kick ass librarians.

    Also, Cordelia in the first season is quite awful. She grows on you, and not just as a fungus. And if Mark keeps watching shows with her post high school, he may even grow to like her.

  2. katherine said...

    on 29 April 2016 @ 2:44 am

    Oh, I love Giles so. And of course, in the future, we will be wonderfully beset by more characters with British accents. I love it.

    I love the description of Giles as kickass librarian. I’m debating whether or not to become a librarian, so that pleases me to think of.

    And, I have a feeling that Cordelia is beginning to grow on Mark (though I’ll let him speak for himself.) I think he is finding like I do that there is something really quite attractive in Cordelia’s not having a filter.

    Thanks for the comments!


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