Season 2, Episode 3: School Hard

In this episode

  • “Squee! Spike!” said Katherine.
  • Mark is not as innocent as he appears.
  • Mark observes that “Snyder knows something.”
  • Katherine says that the Hellmouth is a really great place if you are evil or magically inclined.
  • Questions for the listeners: Does Drusilla really hate Sunnydale? Does Buffy have blinders on? Does anyone know if Whedon is an atheist?
  • In a moment of crisis, people want someone who will take charge. Mark shares a story of when he became “the Buffy person.” Katherine’s Buffy Moment was the GOTV for the 2008 Obama campaign.
  • Sometimes, we both agree, Joyce sucks as a mom.
  • Mark notes that it is SPIKE (squee!!!!) who gets that Buffy doesn’t do this alone.
  • Katherine points out yet again that Xander always has Buffy’s back.
  • Katherine filled Mark in on the reason behind the Buffy writers getting rid of the Anointed One. Katherine and Mark then ponder, what would have high school been like if the the Anointed One had been enrolled? Good times.
  • Mark, fashion police: Big hair look on Buffy is bad. Cordelia looked good and mature.
  • Katherine¬† talks about the significance of crosses since vampires precede Christ. Hmmm.
  • Mark is interested in the competitiveness between Angel and Spike, esp. the Uncle Tom reference.
  • Vampires have a very complex culture, and we love the complications.
  • Mark makes a discovery that I haven’t seen elsewhere. One of the books in the library is Reunion by Tom Hayden.
  • Katherine talks about Carol Gilligan and how it can be used as support that Buffy is a feminist text.
  • Mark says: You might see Giles as lawful good; Spike as chaotic evil; and Buffy as chaotic good. Katherine loves this, but challenges Mark on Spike and Buffy. What do you think, listeners?


Carol Gilligan In a Different Voice;  Reunion by Tom Hayden

Shout outs

Jessica Branch and Paula Corrao

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  1. Teri said...

    on 4 May 2017 @ 1:39 pm

    I totally missed the connection of the title ‘school hard’ to ‘die hard’. once you mentioned that i immediately thought of buffy climbing through the air duct. thanks.

  2. Teri said...

    on 4 May 2017 @ 1:49 pm

    ….and your comment “Sometimes, we both agree, Joyce sucks as a mom” i agree as well. I would NEVER tell my teen daughter (or son, i have one of each) “i don’t want to be disappointed in you again.” i gasped when i heard her say that. wrong on so many levels. she does kinda make up for it at the end. but still…

    • Katherine said...

      on 11 June 2017 @ 4:48 am

      Teri–Die Hard has become our Christmas ritual movie. Last year, we watched a trilogy of Die Hard movies. And boy, do we have issues with Joyce….


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